Just Like the Sparrows

I have loved the melody and the message of “His Eye is on the Sparrow” since childhood. My earliest memories of it are George Beverly Shea singing it during Billy Graham services.

The lyrics point me to Matthew 10:29-31 where the Bible does speak of sparrows, that if God watches over each of them (and He does), I can be sure that He watches over me, too, not in a critical way, but because He loves and cares for me. How He watches over me when there are several billion of us is way beyond me, but He’s God and that’s one of the many reasons we can be in awe of Him.

Rick and I recently got to lead a group of residents at a nearby care center in singing some familiar hymns including “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” As they joined in, it was clear that many of them also have good memories of that song and find comfort and assurance in its message.

Thanks be to God for His never-ending love and care.


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